Website design for campervan lifestyle company

A web design for a Campervan lifestyle and parts company, based in Henfield, UK, Campervan Culture is an online store for everything campervan related. Growing organically as a result of their travel and adventure blog, Campervan Culture are now one of the best known and trusted names in the field, selling products across the world.

Key Features of Our Campervan Lifestyle Website:

Extensive Product Inventory: With an impressive inventory of over 10,000 products, we have implemented intuitive navigation and search functionalities, allowing users to easily find the campervan essentials they need.

Travel and Adventure Blog: Campervan Culture began on the road! We have organised and featured all their videos and stories into the website travel blog. This feature provides valuable insights, destination recommendations, and engaging stories, further fostering a sense of community among campervan enthusiasts.

Product Demo and Fitting Videos: Our web design incorporates product demo and fitting videos, providing customers with visual guidance and inspiration. These videos help users understand the functionality and benefits of various products, enhancing their shopping experience.

Booking System for Fitting Services: Recognising the need for convenient booking options, our web design includes a user-friendly booking system for fitting services.

Vans for Sale Area: To cater to the needs of the campervan community, we have implemented an upload option for selling vans. This dedicated area allows individuals to showcase their campervans for sale, providing a platform to connect buyers and sellers within the community.

Campervans website
Campervans website

In addition to these front-end features, our web design includes a robust technical backend to support Campervan Culture’s operations. Including:

  • Comprehensive International Shipping Setup: We have configured the website to handle international shipping for multiple destinations, weights and sizes, enabling seamless order fulfillment across the world.
  • API Integration for Stock Levels: Our web design integrates with inventory management systems, ensuring accurate and up-to-date stock levels.
  • Dynamic Currency Display: By utilising geolocation technology, our web design dynamically displays currency based on the site visitor’s location.
  • Integration with External Marketplaces: We have implemented links to export products to external marketplaces, expanding Campervan Culture’s reach and driving additional sales opportunities.
  • Invoicing and Accounting Integration: The wesite seamlessly integrates with external invoicing and accounting systems.

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